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Published on January 11th, 2012 | by johnw


Award Night at the Hilton

Elke, Leanne, Jes, Chantelle & Kristy celebrate winning the 2011 Messenger Local Business Awards

We were in the lush surrounds of the Adelaide Hilton female bathrooms, re-applying our lipstick and full of giggly schoolgirl excitement.

We had just won the Business Award for our “Recreation and Leisure’ category in the widely publicised and locally prestigious 2011 Messenger Newspaper Business Awards in South Australia (Eastern Region).

It was the second year in a row.

We officially had one of the best small businesses in the state, and I was being acknowledged for after 16 years of satisfying – unrelenting – hard work.

We thought we’d already received our full reward for the evening and we were delighted.

Then a lady from the Rob Roy Hotel, who had won their category earlier in the night, got up from the table shared by our businesses on the night, ran along the mezzanine balcony and popped her head through the bathroom door…

“Come back in! you have won the overall runner-up winner, they are waiting for you”.

“Another award?!”, we screamed, lipstick barely in place for another (unexpected) acceptance speech.

We exploded with joy again, grabbed hold of each others arms jumped up and down with even more excitement, and an elation we could not contain, rushed from the large white glossy-tiled bathroom, through the plush carpet and railings of the balcony, and entered the impressively large double wooden doors of the Grand Ballroom.

The large spot light blinded us upon our entry as 600 fellow business people looked at us with respect for such an achievement. My face lit up with joy and I beamed with pride.

The Master of Ceremonies for the evening, the always popular, evergreen Adelaide TV personality, Jane Reilly announced “here they are, the winners, Leanne Hoad Singing Studio, please make your way to the lectern to accept your award, yet again”…

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