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Craniofacial Australia

It never ceases to amaze me the depth of need from humankind to help others.

Craniofacial Australia (CFA) is a well known charity in Adelaide, Australia providing cranio (skull) and facial (face) surgery to anyone requiring it. Most patients incur facial injuries from car accidents while other are born with facial defects. Headed by the genius Prof David David, the Craniofacial Unit provides surgery, education to the professional and some remarkable research. The CFA foundation raises money for this to occur. I did some volunteer work for them after closing my Singing Studio in 2011. This work culminated in answering to the CEO to organise some of their key events. When they realised they needed to employ an Event Manager to solely concentrate on their fundraising events, I was the obvious choice. I was brought on board as their Events & Special Projects Manager to organise their events.

This was a newly created role having realised the need for a designated event specialist. Up until this point, a number of the staff pulled their skills together to produce the events. Events however was not their area of expertise – they were employed in other roles. They also discovered events were incredibly time consuming … enter Leanne!

The CEO could see the advantages in employing someone who specialised in events and had the wisdom and knowledge that stems from years of experience. What they found impressive were the multiple tangible benefits they saw from my efforts. From the efforts of a trained and experienced Event Manager. A sold out event, the doubling of profits, increased satisfaction from attendees and the turning around of a disgruntled stakeholder were my legacies.

My blog will give you insights as to how I achieve these result …

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