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Utilising Print Media

When starting the Singing Studio, I knew in order to brand it successfully I needed to get the message out to my market that not only did I exist, but what I did was fabulous.The media could assist me with this. .I still had to however find reason for the media to take on my articles. I would ensure the article was of interest to the readers. They had to have an ‘impressive’ factor.

Landing articles was easy for me because what I did was a little more unique than most businesses. A Singing Studio.

I identified suitable media sources, those whose audiences would be interested in what I had to say, and wrote appropriate articles in the language of the media type. Journalists jumped at these articles as they were so time-short – I was doing the work for them. I called them up old-school landline method and sold them the article. I ensured the article included an impressive ‘angle’ and was written in a language style suited to them. I then emailed all details through.

I can honestly boast my publishing success rate throughout the 90’s, and 00’s was close to 100%. Short off the mark when presenting the odd very embarrassing dud. It became clear very quickly what I neglected – the angle. What was I thinking? …. no angle! Of course they would reject what was essentially and advertorial.

I have a few folders of articles from those days. Here are a few:

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