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Fundraising Events using Marketing 101

I particularly enjoy managing events with a fundraising focus. I was responsible for a number of these events for the South Australian not for profit Craniofacial Australia. More recently, I managed the annual Cocktail Gala for Melbourne based charity, One Girl Australia. Fundraisers are unique in the events industry in that they require people to pay to attended. They also need to spend money while there!

In an event and fundraising fatigued environment, the event manager needs to consider issues that aren’ t necessarily event related. I pull on marketing principals 101 to achieve this. Do these well and you are half way to having a successful event;

1. Identify the objectives
With Craniofacial Australia it was to raise money and broaden awareness. In addition, One Girl Australia, as primarily an online organisation, used it was an opportunity to physically engage with supporters or volunteers.

2. Identify the target market you need at your event.
It helps if they have money and are prepared to spend.
Does the organisation have a support base of this demographic? If not, how will you go about attracting them?

3. Fulfil the needs of this target market.
The event is designed with the expectations of market in mind.

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