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Using Facebook to Promote Events

An Adelaide Cup (fundraiser) Luncheon I managed for South Australian charity Craniofacial Australia was sold out 2 week before the event. This was unheard of – it hadn’t occurred for years – post GFC!

Both the CEO and I contributed this to my use of Facebook in promoting the event.

I created an ‘event’ page from the Craniofacial Australia FaceBook page and asked those to join who I thought would be ideal attendees of the event. Ideal in that they were our targeted demographic – those we wanted to attend, primarily because they would actually really enjoy the event, and more importantly, they would spend money at the event!

The next step was to use this event Facebook page to generate a buzz around the event. This was the key. I regularly posted event updates. For example, when I secured a sponsor, I would mention them and include pics on what they were donating. I posted pics of the meetings with special guests, the MC … anything! I included pics of the auction items – jewellery, styling package, pamper package, weekend getaway. Took photos of volunteers wrapping gift basket … included pics of the gift baskets. Took photos of me holding a donated bag, the CEO  smiling (I was a little short of material this day), added youtube clips of the entertainment and links of the venue.

Building a buzz around the event draws people in. It generated an anticipation. People got excited and concluded they could not miss out!

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