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Published on September 1st, 2015 | by Leanne Waller


Post Grad … worth it?

Leanne and Uni SA’s Masters Degree

Is postgraduate study worth the effort? Is it necessary?

I was in a fortunate position where I could take time out to study full time. I did a Master of Management (Events & Tourism) and an Advance Diploma of Events concurrently. Why did I go back to study? I had closed my successful business of 16 years for a change of career. The Masters qualification gave employers a reference point into my capabilities. It gave me a competitive edge in an incredibly competitive workplace environment.

Postgrad study extended me intellectually, which I found quite hard. It was however exhilarating. My lifestyle changed during this period, and in addition I changed personally in this time. It was important for hubby (John) to stand beside me in support of what I was doing with a lot of changes going on, and to adjust to the changes we experienced as a family. At a pre degree workshop I took at UniSA, they said a few things may happen at home – family struggle to accept the changing schedule and the new demands, and secondly, relationships can be challenged as the person studying becomes intellectually stretched, creating an intellectual disparity. Fortunately for us, communication on my part helped John understand the change of the intermittent lifestyle. John is also highly intelligent, so there was no possibility of me exceeding him in this area. If anything, it gave me an opportunity to match his intellect.

This was one of the hardest intense periods of my life, but one which saw personal and professional growth.

Leanne Waller in 2014. Original promo pic used in UniSA website article

Leanne Waller in 2014

Leanne and John Waller at Leanne's UniSA graduation

Leanne and John Waller at UniSA graduation


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