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You Know When You Are an Event Planner When …

You know you are an event planner when …

  • YOU have a quick word to the venue manage at the event you are attending and say ‘the aircon needs turning up, and while you are at it, could you please close that window, it is blowing a draft on that table of guests’
  • You are always hoping everyone is having a good time
  • You wish YOU had organised the guests goodie bags …  contents would have been more substantial
  • You make a mental note … ‘have sliders for finger food more often … so on-trend at the mo!’
  • You can’t relax until all guest on your table have a drink
  • You go away from an event with a mental list of 20 things that would improve things
  • You instinctively speak to the waiting staff on behalf of your table ensuring all dietary requirements are met …vegetarian, gluten free, no wheat, no lactose, no capsicum, garlic, citrus, nuts … covered!
  • You get internally ecstatic at the thought of organising an event … multitasking, being under the pump, extra hours pre event … YEAH!!!
    Leanne Waller in 2015, as an Event Manager

    Leanne Waller in 2015, as an Event Manager


    Leanne Waller (nee Hoad) in 2008 while Director/ Principal of Leanne Hoad Singing Studio, realising in 2011 a change of career in to Events was imminent.


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