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Leanne Waller, July 2011

I dared to dream at 11yrs , 17 and again at 29. At 45 the dream had come true.

At 11yrs I decided on a path my life would take. I was focused and unwavering.

At 17 I could see concrete signs of my life unfolding as I entered the business world before I was ready.

At 29 the journey continued until I fulfilled my professional and personal dreams. I started the Leanne Hoad Singing Studio, introducing concepts not commonly practiced in the industry. It is an industry where its participants, although doing what they love, accepted their fate of financial struggle almost without question.

The Early Years gives you glimpses into my story. The story of taking hold of my passions, overcoming and making a living from it.

It is intended to be inspirational, hopefully that’s how you read it – if you are passionate, hardworking and smart enough, you can achieve your dreams.

It will also give you insight on how a singing business works and the keys to its success. I have however started from the beginning, as these early stages in my life moulded the person I was when entering into the singing teaching business.

Join me as I unfold my story… “My singing studio: inspiration for those who dare to dream”.

Leanne Waller 2011, Adelaide, South Australia.


Leanne Waller,  June 2015

Leanne Waller, June 2015

Have you ever achieved your professional goals beyond your anticipated expectations, and gone on to forge a new career? I am in the process of forging that new career. From singing studio Company Director to Event Manager, I endeavour to take you on an interesting and insightful ride. The transition started here …

The ballroom of the Hilton International in Adelaide was silent, not a sound was heard from the 1,000 guests. South Australian TV personality and icon, Jane Reilly said from the lectern “And the winner of the Messenger Business of the Year Award is …. LEANNE HOAD SINGING STUDIO”.

My  staff and I leapt up from our seats in excitement and ran (as fast as we could in killer high heels) our way to the podium to make a speech and collect our award. This, the 3rd award in 2 years was the pinnacle. I spent 16 years developing and branding an idea that had not been done in Adelaide: technically sound singing lessons in the contemporary popular music genre.

Leanne and staff receiving 2011 Biz of Year Award from Adelaide TV personality Jane Reilly at Adelaide Hilton

Four awards later and having branded a successful company, touched the lives of a few thousand people, established a precedent in the way popular singing was taught, my passion was fulfilled and I desperately needed the next challenge. I was ready to move on.

I closed the singing studio, did two years of study: a Masters of Management (Tourism and Events) and an Advanced Diploma in Events to embark on a career in Event Management … enjoy my insights!

Leanne Waller, 2015, Melbourne, Australia.



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